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A VR-powered crystal structures app (video)

MHacks winner Duncan Abbot wants his VR software startup, Gwdion, to change how humans interact with technology.

EE senior Duncan Abbot and his VR software startup Gwydion want to redefine how humans interact with technology. The company’s latest project, an app called Arthea, has been used by Prof. Joanna Millunchick (MSE) in classes to help students visualize crystal structures in 3D. This video by the College of Engineering explores how the team made it work, and how Prof. Millunchick has used it to help her students learn.

The idea for Gwydion was first propelled by a win at MHacks with a VR game. Abbott and his co-founders quickly branched out from gaming, and secured a partnership with Mott Children’s Hospital. The team is working to help recovering kids feel less trapped in a hospital bed through VR apps. They continue to work on additional apps and video games, designed with the affordable Google Cardboard attachment in mind.

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